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Dear Newark Co-Laborer in Christ,

The 350th anniversary of the city of Newark will commence in the year 2016. We, in the body of Christ, are now in the planning stage for festive celebration and events throughout the year to highlight and commemorate the original spiritual heritage of this city. In May of the year 1666 AD, a group of Puritans landed on the shore of what is now the city of Newark, New Jersey. The original charter of the city decreed that Newark was to be as closely as possible a manifestation of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

To restore that heritage the involvement,unity and activated faith of the Lord's church is necessary and essential. And a lasting gospel footprint with a shifting of Newark's spiritual climate will clearly manifest. The Newark350Anniversary year of celebration aim is to leave a spiritual imprint for the restoration of Newark's original spiritual heritage with a transformative impact to be sustained for decades.

We who are co-laborers in Christ are uniting together with the TransformationNewark Team in collaboration with the Newark350Anniversary Commitee. We seek like minded believers to join us in seeking Almighty God for 2016 to be a year of renewed awakening of this city's original spiritual heritage. We are confident that this city will again, through the Body of Christ, experience God's transformative power.



Transformed Newark